Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Hearts, Twelve Days, the Saga and a Good-bye

Today my first shape-shifter story will be released from Ellora's Cave. Winter Hearts is the story of Quill, a middle-class angel assigned to a back-woods county in Tennessee. As part of the gifts given to his family to make their assignments easier, they are granted the ability to shift into any animal, big or small.

Unity, orphaned when she was a toddler has never had the experience of living as part of a family. When she is abducted after witnessing a crime, she ends up in the woods near Quill's home.

As they fall in love, they discover that there are some secrets that are best kept when shared.

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One of the toughest things I've done in a long time was let my dog go. She had bone cancer and it finally reached the stage where I couldn't keep her with me any more without being incredibly selfish. That didn't make it any easier. She sure tried to help me make the decision. She quit eating. She quit drinking. And she lost interest in going for walks. She slept a lot--most of the day and all night.

And then yesterday morning she stumbled down the stairs. So with a heavy heart I made the call. I'll miss her. There are no more words. Bye, Woobie. I loved you.


On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Five Faithful Companions.

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Anny Cook Winter Hearts
Sandra Cox Boji Stones
Bronwyn Green Ronan’s Grail
Heather Hiestand Cards Never Lie
Barbara Huffert Deal of a Lifetime
Amarinda Jones Mad About Mirabelle
Kelly Kirch Time for Love
Cindy Spencer Pape Cowboy’s Christmas Bride
Brynn Paulin Fallen
JacquƩline Roth Access Denied
KZ Snow Mrs. Claws
Lacey Thorn Earth Moves

And now, the Saga...
Amarinda left me with Emmeline and the Pirate Jack:

“No Emmeline dear, there is an ancient parchment that is locked within the Gutted Frog statue at the inn.”

“And for some reason you can’t ask Mabel to get it for you.”

“She’s still a tad pissed I did not turn up for our wedding. But she likes you.” You’re both screaming harpies. “Be a dear and speak to Mabel about lifting the key.”

“Bilge breath, I have never been a ‘dear’ but for a seventy-five percent cut of the loot, I’ll tell you what I’ll do.”

Hmmm. What to do, what to do?

“I’ll bring the stranger to you and you can get the key from him, yourself.”

“What?” Jack backed away and regrouped. “I can’t take the key!”

“Why not, Jack? What are you holding back? You know I don’t like it when you try to put one over on me,” she reminded him with a meaningful look at her peeler. “So what’s the deal?”

“Uh-uh,” he stuttered. “Now Emmeline, don’t get all huffy. It’s just a teensy, tiny thing I left out. He’s been asking around for you.”

Her eyes began to glow as he backed further away until he bumped into the deck railing. “Jack? What is the stranger’s name?” she crooned as she stalked closer. “Come on, you wimp. You know you want to tell me.”

“We-llll,” he whimpered, “I did hear someone call him Beaky, I think.”

She hissed like a snake. “Beaky! That lowlife good for nothing slime bucket! Where is he? At the Gutted Frog?” She turned and rushed to the gangway. “He killed Rafe… I’ll make him pay!”

Alarmed, Jack pounded after her. “Emmeline! No! Don’t do it!”

“Don’t you worry, Jack! I’ll get your key! Actually,” she skidded to a halt. “If I’m getting the key, why am I giving it to you? I’ll get the map for myself!” Just as Jack caught up with her, she zipped away. “Ta, Jack!”

“Emmeline! Wait! The Beaky guy has a peeler!”

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  1. I have got my trigger finger ready to buy Winter Hearts

    Woobie - a nobel spirit with a great heart who will be missed

    Jack from the saga - Sucker!

  2. What a day to have that clue. Wish I could be there to offer support.

  3. Sending hugs to you on this hard day, Anny...went through this back in May. Prayers to you and your family.

  4. Oh Anny, I'm so sorry about Woobie. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

  5. As you move from room to room, Woobie's still following you and will for a long time to come. She was a sweetheart and I'll miss her too.


  6. Sending you hugs and prayers dear Anny. And todays clue is a wonderful tribute to a faithful and loving member of your family.

  7. Anny, I'm so sorry about your Woobie. I'm sure you'll miss him a lot.
    I had the most horrible evening of my life. One of my best friends lost her daughter, a young woman, thirty years old, committed suicide early this morning. She put her head in a bag and inhaled helium from a tank meant to blow balloons. She's been depressed for three months, no friends, no boyfriend, only two little dogs. One of them died and it triggered the depression. I still can't belive it. The parents are in a horrible shape.

  8. Suicide is always the most difficult of deaths to deal with. The ones left behind deal with guilt and anger and grief. I hope your friends seek counseling in a little while. My heart goes out to them.