Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Holiday Letdown

The inevitable post holiday letdown has crept up. Grandkids are tired. The rest of the adults are beat. Isn't that way? All the hurry and scurry suddenly comes to a screeching halt and then you're conscious of just how weary you are.

Today will be a recuperative day. Quiet, peace, visiting. Maybe a little cooking. I understand that the grandkids have lined up a couple of surgical strikes on dollies. I think there might be some sewing of dolly outfits.

There's also the ever popular games... Risk, Rummy, Yahtzee, and some other new stuff to try out. Nanna will put up her feet and snatch a quick snooze maybe. And take a million pictures. A million pictures that speak a thousand words each. A million pictures that make a million memories that freeze the moments forever.

My wish for you is that you also have the precious moments to remember. Travel safely if you're on your way home. Enjoy the pleasure of togetherness if you're still with family or friends. Blessings on your day!



  1. It sounds like you've had a good time. No doubt you'll be knackered when you get home

  2. Hope you enjoy a nice, quiet day. Hubby and I plan to head out to a matinee at the theatre a little later.

  3. Beautiful babies, Annycoo.

    We're "knackered" here as well. Rummy Cub is on the list of activities, but so is date night. Mom and Dad are watching the kids so we can get away. But then there's still the packing to do for part two of the trip... ack. I hate packing.

  4. Here the kids already left, traveling north. It was great to see them, play with them and take pictures. For a whole week, I baked their favorite desserts, cooked mountains of food, decorated the apartment. And already we are in after-the-party cleaning mode, but the silence seems strange.

  5. My Christmas lights exploded in my hand as I plugged them in today so I guess the holiday is truly over.

    Have a safe trip home!

  6. Happy Boxing Day! I had to return to work today, so I got the weariness at my desk staring at my screen saver pictures rolling by trying to stay concious long enough to go home. Sigh. Christmas, gotta love it...or is that loathe it?