Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Over the last few days I've read several social media posts and statuses where adults are mourning their lack of Christmas (gifts, lights, tree, decorations, etc.) They're not mentioning the lack for their children's sake. No...they're speaking up for their own lack.

Since this is something I can speak about from vast experience, I had to have my say. For the last innumerable Christmases (not to mention birthdays, Mother's Day, etc., etc.) I could count all my gifts on one hand. Some years I didn't need even a finger to count. And yet, I feel blessed.

I have four reasonably healthy children with their attachments, one healthy husband, two still independent parents, and three healthy siblings with all the attachments--spouses, children, grandchildren. Speaking of grandchildren, I also have four brilliant, healthy ones of my own.

None of them live anywhere near us. But I love them and I am blessed by their very existence.

I have shelter. I have food. I have everything I need to be comfortable, plus some to spare. It was not always so. There were years when I wondered how we would feed our children, but that is not the case this year. And so I am blessed.

I have a closet full of decorations for the holidays. This year I chose not to haul them out. But even if that closet was empty, it wouldn't leave me less blessed. Christmas isn't about decorations or carols or gifts. It's about love.

For those of you feeling loneliness or depression, my heart goes out to you because you are devoid of the greatest of gifts--love. Love for yourself. Love for another. Love for your neighbor. If you have any of those, you are blessed.

Light a candle and give thanks.



  1. You hit all the nails on their heads, love. I did get my little fake tree up, put one string of small lights on it, plus some cheapie glitter ornaments shaped like angels and doves and the 15-year-old tinsel. I have had the same old tree for over 20 years. I almost didn't bother to put it up, but I love Christmas with all the glitter and lights. I always have loved it, and I figured that if the world ended today, I would go out with a glittery Christmas bang. But I love the holiday because of what it and charity and looking toward the light of another presence beyond our own.

    1. Merry Christmas, Fran! We put a cheapie hanging on the door, put the Christmas Carols on the CD player, and lit a candle. We've had much bleaker Christmases. Enjoying this one with much peace and quiet! May your holiday be joyous!