Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Writer's Sights

My son, the Pied Piper of birds, talking turkey...
Ducks rushing to join the parade.

Black rooster, raising the dawn.
Guinea Hens.

Gaudy rooster with headdress.

D.O.G. (pronounced Dee OH' Gee), Guardian of the Chickens

Red, #1 rooster.

Red with his harem.

Goat across the road.

Elephant fountain in front of one of our hotels.

Beautiful trees at a roadside rest.

Majestic mountains in Virginia.
A few of the sights from our trip that I'll incorporate in a book--now or in the future.



  1. Love the gaudy rooster!!! And those mountains? They remind me of those I see when I stand at my front door and in my backyard. I'm a big fan of mountains

  2. Cool! I love the photos. Too bad there's no snow.