Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle

Last week we were in Arkansas. The week before, in Texas. I had a hard time accepting the reality of Christmas lights while wearing shorts and tee-shirt.

After spending my early years in desert Arizona and an addition eleven years in Houston, Texas, I'm more than aware holidays--particularly the Christmas spirit isn't dependent on weather. But there was a certain sense of disconnect.

We were talking to my folks about Christmas decorations and my dad went over to the wall and flicked a switch. Now over the previous few days, I had noticed a rope of lights looped across the front porch, but I admit I hadn't paid much attention to it. Quite a few folks use such ropes to light their patios and back porches all year long.

But when he flicked the switch, he declared, "There now. Our Christmas decorating is done."

I peeked out through the front windows--and sure enough the rope of lights was a multi-colored string of Christmas lights.

I've been thinking about it since then. How much of our decorating fury is "self-invented"? And how much less would we be content with? For the hunk and I, putting up a tree and scattering holiday decorations around our apartment is a less attractive notion every year. I envy my parents being able to "flick a switch" and be finished.

Perhaps deep in my heart, I feel we are focusing too much on the form and not enough on the substance of the season. In any case, we will no doubt do some moderate decorating, if nothing else to remind us just why we celebrate this holiday.

May you be blessed this season.


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  1. "...I feel we are focusing too much on the form and not enough on the substance of the season."

    Yes, greed makes people do that.