Thursday, December 6, 2012


When the sun is shining, day after day, we tend to take it for granted. Sunshine. Maybe we even wish for rain or clouds or some small relief from the heat.

The true value of the sun is only understood when it goes away for an extended period of time. Darkness descends on the Earth. With ancient instinct we withdraw to our burrows, carefully hoarding our bit of fire--both heat and light--until the sun reappears.

Even in the desert where the sun generates terrible heat and barren land, we understand the true value of the sun. It might be hot. It might dry up the streams of water. But the sun brings life.

Winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere. The days are growing shorter. And true to our heritage, we're closing the night out, lighting our snug burrows, and getting ready to wait out the darkness.


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  1. Someone said to me that the light is very bright in Cairns. Yes it is. I cannot now imagine living in a dark place