Friday, March 7, 2008

Dancer and Eppie's Interview Part One...

Hello there! My name is Eppie Llewellyn and I'm the heroine in Dancer's Delight. Dancer and I were quite surprised to find that someone actually wrote a book about us. After all, we're pretty ordinary people. I know, I know there's the whole blue skin thing and pointy ears, but really, after a while nobody even notices.

In the beginning when we found out about the book, we were so excited, but then Dancer asked me, "Who is this woman, anyway? And why is she writing about our private lives?"

Do you know, I have to admit, I began to wonder about that myself. So we decided to interview this Anny Cook character and see for ourselves whether or not we even wanted her to tell our story!

Eppie: How long have you been writing Ms. Cook?

Anny: I've been writing since I was in my twenties. Hmm. Well, it's a long time. Then a little over a year ago I sent in my first submission--your story, dear--and I was offered a contract. Boy, was I shocked! And excited! And thrilled!

Dancer: So, why did you pick our story? There must be millions of other stories out there. Why not write about Eppie's mom and dad. They're unusual and exotic.

Anny: (Cough, cough) Well actually, I did write a book about them. I called their story Everything Lovers Can Know.

Eppie: You've written two books? Wow!

Anny: (Clearing throat) Um, I've written nine books. Currently I'm working on Bishop's story. I, uh, like to keep busy.

Dancer: Wait a minute! You never explained why you picked our story!

Anny: Surely you know that your story is wonderful! It has romance, suspense, adventure, passion... Well, it has everything readers want to read! Why just the bonding ceremony alone would be interesting!

Dancer: Never mind about the bonding ceremony! You didn't tell anybody I passed out, did you?

Anny: I, uh, might have just mentioned it. Just a little....

Dancer: Oh, man, the guys will never let me live that down. Never!

Eppie: I'm sure it will be okay, dear. Really, as long as she didn't tell anyone about the time we--

Dancer: Eppie! Don't give her anymore ideas!

Anny: I really don't understand why you're so upset. Readers find the details interesting. That's why I told them all about the time Wrenna gave Traveller a massage.

Dancer: In our book? You didn't!

Anny: No, no. That's in their book. Traveller's Refuge.

Eppie: Another book.

Anny: Another book.

Dancer: (Sigh.) I think we need a drink. Or two. Quoltania wine, anyone?


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  1. I don't think I will interview my characters as we'd all most likely get into a fight

  2. Quoltania wine? I'm learning new things on your blog everyday!!

    Cute interview. You should reassure Dancer. He did great in his bonding ceremony.

  3. Excellent interview! I love it! Is the Kama Sutra cover new? It's excellent.

  4. I like the reversal twist you have going on here. Your characters interviewing you is a great idea. Now stop fooling around and get back to Bishop, woman.

  5. Great interview, Dancer and Eppie:)

  6. What a fun interview! And yeah, if Dancer is pouring I'd definitely like some wine!

  7. Love the interview. Quoltania wine? Is that one of the new ones the house hunk is trying?


  8. Ditto what Kelly said. Bishop!

    Nice interview. You're lucky it was Dancer. I have a feeling Traveller wouldn't have been as nice. More of an interrogation than an interview.