Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fans are where you find them...

I have a relative in jail. Quel surprise! So I earmarked one of my author copies for his use and I print out the book, one chapter at a time and send it off in the mail. I have discovered through the grape vine that my book is quite popular. He uses it as barter to get things he needs. Uh-hmm. I get frantic letters, "Where is chapter six? Did you send chapter six?" From all reports, I have quite a fan group in his cell block. They are anxiously waiting for the next chapter. For the curious, I sent him Winter Hearts. My, oh, my.

I mention this only because it occurs to me that as writers we have a specific idea of our target audience. And jail house gentlemen aren't usually in our target range. Actually, I have several guys who really like my books so I'm thinking that perhaps I need to find a way to introduce that part of the market to the Anny Cook books.

Certainly when I let the fellows at the income tax office read two pages of Honeysuckle, I had their complete undivided attention. They practically had their collective tongues hanging out when I handed out my cards.

I might purchase a couple print copies of Dancer's Delight and drop them off at the local YMCA in the weight room. There are a lot of guys reading books while they pedal on the stationary bikes. Most of them are tech savvy and don't mind spending time on the computer. Some of them might even purchase an e-book reader.

Then there are all those guys at the laundromat. More than one has stopped to talk to me about my e-reader and what kind of books I write. One fellow read the first chapter of Traveller's Refuge and we had quite a technical discussion about Traveller's job. He wanted to know exactly where I found my information... Hmmm. Come to think about it, I haven't seen him lately.

Waiters are another really curious group. They love the idea of carting around a library of books in one little package. I can't tell you how many cards I've handed out to waiters. One guy took my card. About a month later when we went back to that restaurant, he wasn't our waiter, but he found time to tell me that he thought Chrysanthemum was hysterically funny. Well, whatever floats their boat, I say.

Anyway, that's my new market share. What about you? Have you found an unlikely group of readers that seem to like your books?


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  1. My new audience is the people that read my EC books - how is that new? They are all now starting to read my CP books. One reader emailed me to tell me she started reading the CP books because she had read all my EC ones and realized the CP ones - Last Man Standing - are just as good. So that's a bonus

  2. About now I'm wishing I knew someone in prison. I'm sure there must be given the nature of 50% of my family. Hmm.

  3. Yeah...I'm thinking we could really drive them crazy by alternating weeks or months...Anny, AJ, Kelly, myself, Brynn, Bron, etc...

    Love the YMCA thought!

    And I'm in total agreement about the waiters! I've handed out plenty of cards to servers and have gotten great feedback on return trips!

  4. Hmm, I have unlimited access to countless prisoners. I wonder if I let my boss read this blog would she let me hand out a few chapters and discuss their opinions?

  5. OMG Anny - you're freaking is your relative.

  6. Heh! Good for you, Anny! Those cards sound like a great idea - um, what exactly can you get on them? An image? email and blog and website addys, obviously... I think I will look into that!

    Chris Power
    My blog is