Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Blues...

Good morning! Are you a morning person or do you look more like the little fellow above? Most days I bounce out of bed pretty well, but then there's the occasional morning when I really look more like the pooch. Not sure why that is. Maybe I didn't sleep well the night before. Maybe I dreamed a lot, but there are just some days that I really need to roll over and go back to sleep.

A couple days ago, my last Flowers of Camelot book was released. Daffodil was the last one actually planned in that series, but there have been requests here and there for some more so if I can fit them in my schedule, I'll see what I can fit in.

Maybe I can even fit in a doggie knight or two. That would be interesting...

When I saw this pic I thought of Kelly's UFO column. I wonder how those people who believe they've been abducted get through day to day life? I've read enough of the literature to know that they deal with pretty strange things.

I wonder how all those people out there that deal with less than normal circumstances live? A favorite author of mine, Charlaine Harris, writes a series of mysteries about a young woman who was struck by lightning. She has all sorts of weird things that she copes with.

Any kind of trauma will leave a mark. How do post-traumatic individuals get through life? What if their families or friends don't understand? I suspect that they learn to shut down and quit sharing their lives. After all, we can only share with trust and if no one believes us, then there is no trust.

What do you think? Can you trust someone who doesn't believe you?


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  1. Mondays suck and mornings are only good on the weekend...and I trust no one...but I love me

  2. I get up just fine, usually around 4, but then I'm ready for a nap in a few hours. Without it I look like the pooch just about the time everyone else is starting to function.

    It's hard enough to trust those who do believe you let alone those who don't.

  3. I think April Fool's Day came early. Dog woke me up; I couldn't move, as toddler had his fist wrapped in my hair. When I finally got free of baby's fist and elbow dripping with dog drool, I put dog out and made my usual trip to the necessary. I sat down and BAM! No, the toilet didn't explode; son's bed collapsed when he sat down in the next room. And then I discovered the coffee pot hadn't been set up the night before. I went to get the filters and dropped the canister on the floor. Thankfully, just the one with the filters, not the loose coffee!

    Can't wait to see what tomorrow morning brings...

  4. NOT a morning person yet my best work happens in the morning while I'm barely conscious. I'd much prefer the mornings productivity occur over the evening hours.

    Trauma is trauma. Recovery is constant.

  5. That first dog pic is exactly how I feel today.

    WHAT!!! That was the last book. No!!!

  6. I think most of us just open up to those we trust.