Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bonnets...

Yep, Easter is right around the corner! How do you like my bunny's Easter bonnet? I think it's kind of cute myself. It difficult to quite wrap that idea of Easter around my mind. To me, Easter was always a SPRING holiday. Yet, it's supposed to be twenty one degrees tonight--no Amarinda, that's not Celsius! Chilly on the tootsies.

In America, there is the tradition of an Easter sunrise church service--usually a fairly brief one that begins in the dark just before dawn and finishes just after sunrise. Over the years, I've been to more than one. And it's usually cold.

The year I was oh, maybe two or three, my family observed the Easter sunrise service at the Grand Canyon. According to my father, we camped out. And it was snowing.

Most of the Easters I remember were cold. Growing up in a minister's home, you know I was in church on Easter! But many of them I remember, especially when we lived in Indiana and Illinois, had snow. Two Easters there were blizzards. My father spent Easter afternoon helping to tow parishioners out of ditches and such.

One Easter I remember when I was in High School, living in Chicago, I was particularly annoyed at my family's edict against new clothes for Easter. "Everyone" else was going to have beautiful new Easter outfits. The weather was beautiful and balmy. People rushed around the week before with spring fever. Easter morning we woke up to seven inches of snow on the ground and more on the way.

So I was quite comfy in my warm winter clothes and boots... while those other young ladies froze their tushies off in their pretty spring outfits. And I learned a valuable lesson. What you wear on the outside isn't nearly as important as what you wear on the inside. After that, I saved the spring outfits for May and June.

What about you? What are your Easter plans?


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  1. hmmm...write and eat junk food...maybe clean if I really have to

  2. Easter bring wonderful memories of celebration at my grandfather. My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins gathered at the church for mass and then we would all come back to the grandparents to celebrate. There was a lot of food and a lot of left over. My mother kept the tradition going for her children. And now I took over.

  3. Early service for sure and breakfast served at church. Then after the kids will likely go into sugar shock and I will sit on the couch and write.

  4. For sure, we're going to have our usual Easter dinner with ham and the fixings with all our kids including my married son and the grandkids. If the son and dil will permit it, we may go to the water Easter egg hunt with them.

    I hope to go to church for Easter service that morning.

    My youngest child is now 13 and the second youngest is 17, so I doubt we go to an Easter egg hunt for them this year. I think we'll still get a basket for the 13 y.o. and chocolate bunnies for the older ones (that includes the 24 and 26 y.o.'s still living at home).

    Cute bunny and Easter hat.

  5. We'll have to decorate eggs this year and have a hunt. But the best part is Spring Break, and they will all go to Grandma's house for a few days!