Monday, March 3, 2008

Weird Writing Weekend

I worked most of the day Sunday on my current work in progress. This particular segment was mostly about a kid trying to work out what he wanted to do with his life. In the Mystic Valley youngsters grow up and take on responsibilities early. And in the valley, the standard jobs we think of today aren't part of the culture. There they have choices like weaver, potter, hunter, metal smith, blacksmith, wood cutter, and warrior. So what would you want to be?

In this day and age there are unlimited choices, but in a small valley with no electronic technology, and no medical establishment such as we have now, what occupational choices are there? Surprisingly, there are a lot. Baker, butcher, barterkeeper, archivist, herbalist, healer, mid-wife, teacher, seamstress, gardener, farmer... and many more. But the vast majority of them require strong sturdy bodies and a willingness to work hard.

When I reached the end of my thoughts with that, I worked some on the research for my time travel book. There are a lot of questions still to be answered for that one. My latest queries have been centered around solar and wind power, climate, the requirements for building a log cabin with primitive tools, how to make a bed, how to cook on a hearth, and how to devise a storage cache for raw meat. Oh yeah, how to smoke meat. There have been a couple other things tossed in there for variety... alternatives for toilet paper and sanitary napkins and soap. See? This book will be a potpourri of educational experiences, all duly researched. Now why did I want to write this book? Remind me. All I know is that it isn't all about acorns!

This picture is exactly what the stores looked like when I shopped on Saturday. We hit the Sam's Club, the grocery store, the bank, the wine shop, the mall, and a restaurant. By the time we finally wended our way home, I was beat and feeling a tad crowded. I don't know what everyone else was looking for, but they were all out there in the stores. Everywhere we went there were lines, lines, lines...

I think that I must be ready for it to be spring. The strange thing is here in Baltimore we didn't have much of a winter and yet--I'm ready for sun and warmer temps. I'm ready for green grass and leaves on the trees. I won't demand daffodils or tulips. I'm not greedy. But a bit of green would be nice.

Ashley Ladd tapped me for six random things about me. I'm pretty random to begin with.

1) I collect tiny boxes. (My friend Jane said this should be on my list.) Why? I have no idea. Really.

2) I avoid housework at all cost. Usually, one day a month I get ambitious enough to run around putting stuff away and if absolutely pushed to it, I'll vacuum and then--I'm done.

3) I avoid shopping as much as possible. I don't deal well with crowds. (See paragraphs above about my Saturday.)

4) My second toes on both feet are longer than my other toes.

5) My little fingers on both hands are crooked. It's a family trait.

6) I'm allergic to chicken. Very, very allergic.

That's about as random as I can get. Stop over at Amarinda's Place to see what she's up to. and then pop over to Kelly's Blog for her take on American television at Blessings on your day!



  1. Ah, the tagging thing again....what exactly do you do with tiny boxes?

    Okay, as much as I would love to read the time travel book, I really want to read about Bishop, the man that can make women coming screaming multiple a dear and hurry it along would you?

  2. Anny, it seems that we share a dislike for housework. I'm not allergic to chicken but definitely to cooking chicken. While you doing research for your books, I was sweating on my love scenes.

  3. Oh dear, Mona. Sweating? They have to keep track of all their hands and parts and you go and drizzle sweat on them. Ew!

    I'm still procrastinating over my last chapter. I'm determined to make headway today.

  4. I'm with you Anny - I LOATHE shopping!

  5. I'm in tears...I tried and tried and tried to win your book! I guess I'll have to break down and buy it now...been putting Honey off for too long (grin)!

    Love the pics!

    If I ever find myself in Mystic Valley, I could be the cross-stitch artisan...