Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Art of Creativity

Yesterday I worked with beads. Tiny little beads. Big clunky beads. Green beads, blue beads... lots of beads. What the heck am I doing with beads, you ask? Well, I'm making promo things to give away at the RT Convention. Now, I've never been to a convention before so I have no idea about what authors give away at these events. I have a notion, however, that they don't give away the kind of stuff I'm going to give away. And that's the point, I think.

After the first fifty bookmarks you acquire, the things kind of lose their punch, you know? Magnets are expensive in large quantities. Pens are probably the most practical, but I couldn't find anything I really liked. And since this is something that is representative of my work and me--well I wanted to create something that the reader wouldn't just be inclined to stuff in their purse and toss out when they get home.

So... the beaded hair piks and the painted chinka boxes. Goodness knows I certainly have enough beads to make piks for the entire Mystic Valley. The creative part comes in combining the different beads for unique looks. So little beads alternate with medium beads. Shiny beads sit next to softer colored beads.

Can you tell that I'm getting into this bead stuff?

If nothing else comes of it, the "gimmes" should stir up a little curiosity about the place where people use beaded piks or chinkas to secure their long hair. And in the long run, that's the name of the game. The point is to generate interest in my books.

I have a couple other ideas if I end up having extra time. Yes, I can hear Kelly and Amarinda and all my other fellow authors snickering. Time? What is that? My editor probably thinks I'm delusional. Didn't y'all know that time is elastic? We stretch it to fit in whatever we have to fit in. That's how it works, right?

Currently I'm working on a green pik (suitable for a frog) in wonderful shades of green from grass to a soft jade color. If I had longer hair, I think I'd be tempted to keep this one for myself!

I have red, blue, pink, some "natural" stone, black and gray, green, purple. Hey, pick one. There's probably something here for any outfit. Barbara and Molly asked for pictures. In a couple days, I'll take some pics and post them on the blog and the web page.

A friend once told me that she wasn't creative. One day I was over at her house and noticed these gorgeous feather hangings. Gorgeous and intricate with literally hundreds of feathers. When I commented about how beautiful they were, she brushed me off with, "Oh, that's just something I do while I watch television."

Truthfully, I've never met a woman who isn't creative in one way or another. They may be wonderful cooks or perhaps they can turn a piece of fabric into anything from a fairy princess costume to a placemat. But we're all creative. A few of us write. Some sew or embroider or crochet. Have you noticed that we find personal ways to beautify our surroundings? That's our creative spirit nudging at us.

The next time you get that urge, let it out and celebrate all the ways we demonstrate our creativity.


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  1. I don't snicker. I raise one eyebrow in the cynical smart arse way or roll my eyes. Beads huh? Well, as long as it keeps you off the streets

  2. I snicker. Yep, I do. But I always do it in such a way as to invite you to snicker too. I can't wait to see what you've come up with.

  3. Anny I can't wait to see your beads. Many of my friends are into beads too, creating lovely pieces of jewelry. It was one my New Year resolutions to learn to repair necklaces and thread beads. Like many New Year resolutions it went down the drain.

  4. I don't get to go. :( The green Pik sounds gorgeous though. I have long hair. Would you be interested in selling it to me? Email me at dakota.rebel @ and name a price. I would love to get one of my very own.


  5. Do you have any pics of your bead work to post on line? Unfortunately, I'm not going to RT this year.

    It's really tough to come up with good promo items to give away at these events. At least I have trouble figuring it out. It can't be expensive, but it has to be something the readers will want, not just for one time but to keep, something that will make them go to my site, and maybe want to buy my books.

    Let us know how it worked. Have fun.