Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nutty Behavior

I haven't quite figured out why people behave so strangely when they are away from home. What possesses them to do things that they would never think of doing when they're home? Do they think that no one is watching? That no one will know?

Wake up, people! This is the era of the Internet. Nothing is secret. Five minutes after the indiscretion, it will be posted on Youtube for the international audience to salivate over. Unless you're behind a closed door--alone--then your actions can possibly be posted for public consumption.

My philosophy is simple. When I walk out my door I'm "on". At any moment I could possibly meet a future reader or an unknown fan. At a convention, this is true--only more so. There you could meet an editor or future publisher or reviewer.

I'll be blunt. If I observe someone behaving badly, I won't be doing business with them. They could be berating a wait-person or groping a model or cussing at a maid...doesn't matter what the behavior is. It it's wrong, it's wrong. If they're an author I won't be buying their book. If it's a publisher or editor, I won't be sending them my manuscript. Their public behavior is a measure of their work ethic and their personal ethic. I don't want to have a working relationship with a person who has poor ethics.

I both observed and heard about some really questionable behavior. Of course, I heard. You know that it really is NOT true that what happens in Pittsburgh, stays in Pittsburgh. Really. Before most of us had wended our way home, numerous reports of bad behavior had hit the airwaves. Some of the reports were accompanied by pictures. See pics at eleven!

It's a shame that professional behavior is not the standard at conventions. There are enough nuts in the world already.


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  1. There are consequences to everything as we long as you are prepared to accept them then go ahead - be a drongo

  2. One is definately under a microscope at such an event or any public venue really. Some of the things I witnessed were enough to boggle the mind, others left me thinking: That poor soul is really going to regret that when they sober up tomorrow... Either way, there is always someone watching.