Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday in Pittsburgh

The sun is coming up on Saturday morning. Don't know what this day will bring. The workshops are pretty much over. On Friday, I spent time with fellow authors just getting to know them.

Started out the day at out our publisher's breakfast. It was interesting to see all our fellow authors and put names with faces. After breakfast while we were still together, we took one more picture of all the "frogs" together. I think there were close to thirty of us. We did our editor proud.

Several of us had lunch together. Some people went off to buy souvenirs for their families. I checked out Club RT where there were all sorts of things to look at. Met some more authors. Looked at the newest Sony digital reader (very, very nice).

Have to admit by dinner time, I just couldn't face more noise and music and crowds so we bypassed the Vampire Ball and had take out dinner. Today is the print book signing. Still haven't actually seen one of my books, but pretty soon, I won't be able to say that!

More later!


Check out Amarinda and Kelly!


  1. Oh how cool, your books in print! I'm going to collect them all and then plan a Saturday trip to Baltimore. Can I have a personal signing in exchange for lunch?