Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday This and That

I always love good news. Yesterday I found a lovely review from Joyfully Reviewed.

Cherished Destinies is a very detailed book. It follows fourth in Anny Cook’s Mystic Series and I highy recommend reading the others first. Arano, who is a master seer in his valley, sometimes scares other with his visions. Arturo, a warrior, who was brutally raped, witnessed by Arano through their twin mind connection, is treated with kid gloves and others walk on eggshells around him much to his dismay. Both men have a rough path to claim their bond mates. But in the end, it is so worth the trials and tribulations to achieve their future happiness. Cherished Destinies is incredible and a ton of imagination has gone into it and it is well worth the read.~~Raine

Thank you, Raine!

Ms. Cook is a delightful author who can spin a story like a master weaver, deftly weaving one character’s story with another to seamlessly create a story that leaves you breathless. Her flawless writing will transport you to a place where love, passion and chaos rule all amid the world of Avalon. Be prepared to jump your significant other after reading the next adventure of the LeFleur women and find out what makes the Hieney Twins so dang delicious! HONEYSUCKLE is truly a fun romp that will leave you longing for the third chapter, Daffodil, and remember…..what happens in Cam-a-lot stays in Cam-a-lot. Run to grab this one as well as the first in the Flowers of Avalon series and be ready to keep Ms. Cook on your auto buy list!~~ Dawn from Love Romances and More
Thank you, Dawn!

Daffodil by Anny Cook – holy snapping ducks! What a book - funny, hot and amazingly I was agog at parts of it. I am rarely ever agog. Anny, I no longer believe your story about babies coming from cabbage patches now. Buy the book and get an education.~~Amarinda Jones
Thank you, Amarinda!

My neighbors upstairs moved out with much noise and banging. I suspect that I will have about two months of total peace and quiet before there will be a new bunch moved in. It will be interesting to see what kind of neighbors the new people are. At the moment there are several vacant apartments in this building, but soon it will be moving season (when the kids get out of school) and then the apartment shuffle will be on.

Due to the RT convention and other things, I've been on a writing hiatus for about three weeks. It is a strange but true thing that once you are away from writing, even though you long to write, it is difficult to get back into the general swing of things. To that end, I did something that I rarely do at this point in a work in progress... I did a line by line edit. There were all sorts of things to clean up. And in the process I added about three hundred words. Then with a little push, I went for five hundred more and suddenly, I'm back in the game. So I look forward to working tomorrow on the finishing the current chapter (about 2500 more words.) It's amazing how those few words can give a writer such a sense of accomplishment.

I received my box of dead-tree copies of Dancer's Delight. What will I do with them? Hmmm. Send one to each of my children. Send one to each of the women mentioned in the dedication. I might even sit down and read one since Dancer's Delight is now a real book! It's a funny thing, but I wasn't all that excited to hold one in my hand. I think that's because I always considered my books to be real books. Maybe if I see it on a shelf in a bookstore some day or something like that, I'll get more excited. It's a beautiful book, but as far as I'm concerned, it was a beautiful book on the computer screen.

"They didn't want it good, they wanted it Wednesday"~~Robert A. Heinlein

Isn't that always the way?


Now I haven't a clue what Kelly and Amarinda are up to, except writing, writing, writing. Please stop over there and check them out. Then drop by OhGetAGrip where they're discussing Erotica vs. Pornography this week.


  1. I am not surrpised at tehe excellent review...sigh...print day...

  2. I think it would be tremendously exciting to walk by someone reading a copy of your book. Yes, ebooks are lovely on the screen but unless you're a stalker, we don't get to see people's expressions as they get lost in our words.

  3. Well deserved praise, Annycoo. I'm glad you are being recognized for your amazing talents.

    I had the same hiatus-return-to-writing problem which has been zapped by the wrong manuscript. But writing is writing, is it not?

  4. Amarinda, I will gladly give you my turn. I suspect your print books would fly off the shelf.

    Barbara, that's a good point, though the books have to be on the shelf before you can see anyone read them...

    Kel--writing is writing is writing and when characters are singing in your head, you have to let them out. They're just not going to let you write someone else's story first.

  5. Anny congratulations on the wonderful review. I too feel that when I stop writing I have trouble going back. But the challenge of reporting daily is amazing to make me sit and write.

    I'm surprised you are not still thrilled to hold your printed book. I would give so much to hold my book. For me it's even more important then making money out of it. I have four shelves of books signed by authors I personally know, inccluding yours and Kelly and Cindy. I wish I can add mine.

  6. Hi, Mona! I think I'm not that excited about a print book because I always considered the e-book a "real" book. I have about 3000 dead tree books and know how quickly one can get lost in the piles.

    Holding it in my hands wasn't that big of a deal for me... I'm not saying that other people would feel the same way. For me, that excitement of a first book was last year when Chrysanthemum was published as an e-book. THEN I was excited!

    And each new release is exciting. That feeling hasn't gone away.

  7. Send me one and autograph it:) Or, come on out and we can share space at a couple of craft fairs??

    Fantastic reviews! I'll be finally reading Winter Hearts next week:) Can't wait until I reach Daffodil!