Friday, April 4, 2008

Fourteen things I don't know...

1) Why is it a hurricane in some places and a cyclone in others?

2) Why do we never hear of tornadoes in other countries?

3) Why is it sometimes spelled blond and other times spelled blonde?

4) What kind of job requires people to wear those funky blue telephone thingies on their ear?

5) What is the difference between baby back ribs and St. Louis ribs?

6) With all the hours and hours and hours and hours... of television, why isn't there more international news that isn't about politics? Why isn't there more international weather coverage?

7) Why don't restaurants cut the portion sizes in half--and do likewise with the prices? Wouldn't that provide economic stimulus?

8) Why isn't there a dressy dress made in a comfortable fabric? Why do they all feel like sandpaper?

9) Why is the sky blue... instead of say, green or purple?

10) Why don't they position seatbelts in cars so that they don't strangle short people?

11) Will the Chicago Cubs ever win a World Series?

12) Why does broccoli give you gas?

13) Who invented bras?

14) What in the world am I doing up at midnight?


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  1. I don't know much, but I always figured blond was male and blonde femaale!

    And you don't hear about tornados in other places because the media is so egocentric. We have tornados in UK! Really we do! Not very big ones, admittedly, but we have them. And I mean what I say about the media. When I am in US, I hardly ever see news items about UK --

    By dressy dress I guess you mean cocktail/evening -- not that I have occasion to wear such a lot, but I find silk, satins, velvet, even cottons to be comfortable...

    You can reposition seatbelts in some cars. I'm short, too...

    I am convinced that US restaurants are in a conspiracy with the USDA. HUGE portions (did the US invent the doggy bag?) and cheese on everything. You have to ask them to hold the cheese! It's a conspiracy to make us all disgustingly obese...

    i did know who invented bars -- she stiched together some hankies -- no, really -- but I can't remember her name. I know about the Bloomer woman, though.

    If you are like me, you are up at midnight because you are not in bed.

  2. I always thought bras were invented by a clueless male since most are so uncomfortable. Same with dress shoes. I don't know about you but my toes do not mesh together into a teeny tiny point.

  3. Why was I still awake at 4 am? Why is it okay for hubby to nap all day, while I have to get up? He knows I was up all night; he dozed off several times. But here it is, nearly 9 am and I was ousted out of bed to take care of the little ones with only maybe 90 minutes of shut-eye, while he's back in bed snoring.

    Insomnia. Love it sometimes, hate it when I can't get up and work.

  4. One serious answer and one not-so-serious:

    7. The food is actually the smallest cost-per-serving at a restaurant. A half-size portion would cost nearly as much because the cook, server, etc. still do the same amount of work. By serving humungous bowls of pasta, a restaurant makes the diner feel like they're getting a good value without actually incurring much extra cost (pennies per diner, even).

    9. Why is the sky blue? Because if it was green, you wouldn't know where to stop mowing.

  5. I'm glad we don't have cyclones or typhoons in Florida. Hurricanes are bad enough. I lived through Katrina and Wilma and hope never to see them again.

    My dressy dresses are all in soft lovely material. I don't mind them at all. It's the high neck sweaters I can't stand, especially wool or mohair. My neck itches when I travel Nort and I wear them.

    Don't know who invented bras, but I prefer them to the contraptions women wore last century. Were they called brassieres? Not sure about the name.

  6. LOL, I was up last night at midnight too drinking beer, which I hate and listening to wannabe singers at open mic night, which was fun. I was talked into a six shot sampler. The best? Raspberry brewed. It was passable.

  7. Wow, so many questions....the answer? Fish.

  8. 1) The difference has to do with the direction of rotation. N.Hemisphere is a hurricane, Southern hemisphere is technically a cyclone.

    9) The light reflects off the nitrogen in the atmosphere and that causes it to be blue

    10) Cars are all designed, including saftey features and reach, for a 5'10" male who weighs 160 lbs.

    11) Absolutely! Any other answer is cause for immediate retaliation.

    12. Because your body cannot break down the cellulose in the cell wall of the plant.

    13) Bras have been around for centuries beginning as simple binding clothes and advancing to the more complex bustier and corset. However the US paten was awarded to Mary Phelps Jacob.