Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Two...

Woke early Wednesday morning, walked a brisk 2-3 blocks to an indoor mall which had a food court. After breakfast with about fifteen frogs (all authors who share the same editor) we made a quick run into Rite Aid before heading off to take part in whatever activities were chosen. I chose to take part in various workshops regarding e-publishing. The house hunk wandered around checking out things.

My workshops lasted until it was time to have the e-book signing. Taige Crenshaw sat on one side of me and Lynne Connely sat on the other. Dee Brice sat across from me, facing me and behind me were a host of EC and Frog authors. It was a very interesting experience. Disorganized some, but interesting. That wound down at 7PM--and we needed to be dressed up, and downstairs at 7:45! Hustled upstairs, dressed and ran to elevators only to find they weren't working. Went downstairs in the service elevator and into the ballroom. There were yummy snacks and a lot of women in skimpy dresses. The house hunk had plenty to watch. Frogs took three large tables.

After they allowed the guests to enter (which took forever!) Raelene hustled us into line. Patty read our names off, we went up the steps to the stage where the hunks escorted us across the stage. Devin (my hunk) made my day by asking me if I wasn't the one that wrote the Flowers books. Hmmm. YES!

The cavemen put on a neat sexy show. About 10:30 PM the househunk and I folded our tents and sneaked away.

Until tomorrow!


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  1. You'll have to watch when you get home. I think your house hunk made it into the Night Owl Romance EC Party video, at the very end of part 2.

  2. sounds like you and the hunk are having a good time