Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Here are just a few of the bunches and bunches of beaded hair piks I've been putting together for RT. There are two that can be traded in for a free book download after RT so anyone that drops by my tables at my booksignings and just happens to pick the correct "pik" might end up with a free read...

Now below are some of the froggie piks I made for fellow frogs who show up at RT and ask me for one. They're more of a souvenir of 2008 RT. So fellow frogs, if you drop by my table at the booksigning and ask for a froggie pik, I'll have one for you.
We had a rude awakening yesterday morning. We have no hot water. According to our apartment management, there will be no hot water until "sometime" on Monday as they have to replace the hot water heater. There are twenty-four apartments without hot water so you can imagine that there are some really unhappy people. As for me... well, I can't possibly do dishes without hot water, right?

Yesterday was laundry day. Absolutely despise laundry day. However, with everything clean and ready, I can pack today and I may do that. Then I'll find out exactly what I'm missing and I'll be able to run right out and pick it up on Monday.

A strange thing happened last night. We went to the store for a couple of last minute items. The house hunk picked up shoe polish and a brush to buff the shoes. When we finally arrived home and carried in all the laundry (did I mention that I really hate laundry day?) he opened the shoe brush package and tried to figure out which side was for the rough polishing and which side was was the final buffing. Finally, he brought the brush and packaging out to me.

Now this is a two sided brush with with longer bristles on one side and shorter bristles on the other. So I read the directions. It's not a shoe brush. It's a HAIR brush for people with really thin hair! I have no idea what it was doing in the section with the shoe care items, but obviously we weren't the only ones that thought it was a shoe brush. Weird...

Well, it's been a pretty busy week. Today is for packing and finishing up with whatever has to be done. Tomorrow will be a whirling rush through the apartment, vacuuming, straightening up, putting things away so the cat doesn't have a field day while we're gone. For those of you who might be concerned for her, don't worry. My neighbor, Jane will no doubt have her completely spoiled by the time we come home.

Until tomorrow...


Drop by Amarinda, Kelly, and OhGetAGrip for more exciting stuff--maybe.


  1. Now that's impressive. A house hunk who still polishes shoes. That truly is a lost art-form.

  2. Today I pack house and clean. Tomorrow I run last minute errands pack house and clean and then pack my suitcase. Perhaps will get to packing the car for the trip that night. Tuesday morning, kiss everyone goodbye and hop in the car.

    Now if I could find that red fingernail polish to snazzy up my toes....

  3. Can't wait to see you!!! Save a frog for me. I don't know how easy it will be to get to you at the bok signing since I'll be anchored to my spot (hopefully getting writer's cramp) :-)

  4. Anny, you are so well organized. I will stop to see each one of you on Saturday.

  5. Great hair picks.

    Have fun at RT. Wish I were going.