Sunday, August 17, 2008

Say Cheese!

Not long ago, while cleaning up in my work room I found a stash of pictures. Old pictures. The expressions on the faces were so phony. Little kids standing in hot uncomfortable sunlight while mom (that would be me) was exhorting them to smile. Say cheeseburger!

What is it about parents and grandparents? We walk around behind our kids, snapping pictures randomly at various important events in their lives--and then safely stow them away, forgetting about them almost before the day is over.

I have a picture of my grandmother that was taken about 1925. Photos were rare then. That picture is treasured. I think that with the advent of technology that makes photos readily, instantly available, we've ceased to think much about the subject or reason behind the photo. After all, storage is unlimited.

That may be why we don't do anything with the end result. How would our photo collection change is we could only afford to take one picture a month? Would we make our choice with more care, more thought? Would we still have reams of vacation pictures with no people in them? Or would every picture count?

I freely admit that I put them back in the box and stashed them on a shelf. Someday, someone will look through them and wonder, "Mom, what were you thinking?"


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  1. I too have a photo of Grandma Elsie in the 1920's in her wedding dress. I have her wedding dress - it's beautiful. The pitcures that matter the most to me are those of the people I will not see again...I wish I had of taken more...but you just don't know do you?

  2. Did you notice in all the old pictures no one is wearing the fake smiles? Is it because they were trying to look dignified instead of happy?

  3. I'm horrible about pictures--always forget the camera and display very few even of my kids around the house. But when I do look through the boxes, they always bring a smile.

  4. I'm a bad photographer of important events. Sadly, the days I miss will never come back. Better to take too many than not enough.

  5. I scrapbook my pictures. My kids love love love to flip through them.

    I also have a huge tote (the size of the backseat of my car) filled with old family pictures of my mom's family way back to my great great great grandparents. Sorting through them and cataloguing is my next big project. I'm thinking of doing it that for my mom as a Christmas present.

  6. Excellent idea! Thank you for all your comments, ladies!

  7. I'm also a shutterbug who takes pride in creating the albums. But since digital came along, they get stored on CD until I can print them out. I'm now 9 months behind again.

  8. I love taking pictures - I find I take even more now that I have a digital camera - however, I rarely print them out which makes framing a of these days. You know, in that spare time that doesn't seem to exist for any of us.