Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coming over!

Day two began at 7:00 AM. This girl is used to getting up around nine-ish. So right off the bat I was... cranky. Then we walked outside. Ugh. Fog. Lots of heavy, solid fog. Visibility less than 1/4 mile. The fog lasted until eleven o'clock. By then we were rolling through Nashville.

Travel went really well, even with the fog. At the Memphis city limits, the sky opened up and poured on us, but traffic was light so we breezed through town, crossed over the wide Mississippi and headed for interior Arkansas. Arrival at our hotel? 4:30 PM. Not bad!

Today we'll arrive late afternoon at my son's place. Yay!

I have to say that Tennessee has fabulous drivers. We traveled the width of the state without incident. No aggressive drivers. No accidents slowing down traffic. Just smooth travel with generous drivers who willingly made room for the "out-of-state" driver who always seemed to be in the wrong lane. Tennessee, I salute you! On this 15th day of November let us be thankful for generous, polite fellow drivers!



  1. OH! That was YOU! Word spreads fast around here. I heard all about that MD car trekking through the state. Boy we had you snowed. ;)

  2. Thinking of you on your trip. Drive safe, and congrats on learning to relax.

  3. Wow, they must all have been fans moving over for the Zen queen. My trips through TN have not been so pleasant.

    Have a great visit!