Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love a Vet

Today is Veteran's Day. Contrary to what some think, this day was not set aside for shopping, a day off from school, or a day off work. It was actually set aside to honor veterans. Whether living or dead, this is the day we are supposed to take time to appreciate the sacrifices they've made and to offer our thanks.

So I'm wondering when we do this... When is the last time any of us have shaken a veteran's hand and said, "Thank you." No parade. No big to-do. Just a simple heart felt thank you. I have several veterans in my family. Seems like today might be the day to acknowledge their contributions.

My dad was in the Air Force in the late forties. He was a plane mechanic on a base in Arizona. Dad, thank you for keeping the planes up and running for the pilot's training. I appreciate your hard work.

My father-in-law was in the Navy during World War II in the Pacific. Pops, thank you for joining up and fighting in a nasty difficult war. I appreciate your hard work and the time you were away from home.

My cousin was in the Green Berets in Vietnam. Two tours of duty. Jack, thank you for going and fighting. Thank you for not giving up on America when we didn't appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.

Another cousin was in the Coast Guard at the tail end of the war. Not many people realize that the CG is part of our military and that often it's more dangerous than other assignments. Molly, thank you.

My son was in the Navy for eight years. He finished his last tour the year after 9/11. He was stationed at the submarine base in Connecticut, responsible for 24 hour turn arounds for our subs as they guarded our shores from terrorists. Thank you, Tony. I'm glad you're safe now.

How about you? Do you have someone to thank? Speak up and let us know! On this eleventh day of November, let us be thankful for our veterans!



  1. I have two uncles who I never met who served in WWII. My uncle Bud was a cook in Patton's army. As the German's walked through the battlefield bayonetting injured US soldiers, he hid himself under the bodies of his fallen friends. During a particulary nasty battle, he was in a foxhole in the middle of the night when he heard someone say...Well, I'll be damned! Herman Jessie. It was his brother, Junior, my other uncle. He was in a different outfit but they were together on that night. A newspaper story later recounted the battlefield reunion of the two brothers.

    My uncle Bud (Herman Jessie) returned from the war suffering from something that, then, had no name. He disappeared one day and was never heard from again.

  2. One of my grandfathers was the postmaster in WW2. The other was at Midway. I have an uncle who died in Korea, and a FIL who served in Germany during the 50's-60's. Now my oldest is thinking of joining the Nat'l Guard to help pay for college.

  3. My paternal grand mother had three sons who served in WWII. The each left their little town in Newfoundland and went to St. Johns, the capital, to enlist. The oldest, my uncle Bill, followed my grandfather's (WWI) footsteps and joined the Canadian forces, ending up in their fledgling air force. The second, my Uncle Jack, joined the British Navy, and spent the war serving on a minesweeper in the Mediterranean.

    In 1942, my father Phil turned 18, and made his way to town, where he originally joined the Newfoundland Militia. (Newfoundland was a British Crown Colony before the war, NOT part of Canada.)His cousin spotted him on the street one day and told him the American Army base down the road had better food and paid $5. per week more. Since my dad had been born outside of Detroit while his father had come south for a few years to work for Ford, he claimed his American citizenship and made the transfer.

    My grandmother had three sons who served, all in different branches of the service, all under different flags. And all three did survive.

  4. My paternal grandfather is a WWII Veteran. He was in the US Army Tank Corps and was injured in the Argonne Forest. He celebrated his 93rd birthday on Saturday.

    My great-uncle Bob (his brother) was a US Marine and was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

    My great-uncle Jack was also a US Marine and was part of the Normandy invasion forces.

    My father was in the US Army and he went to Vietnam before the US was "officially"in Vietnam.

    I currently have two cousins in the Armed Forces - one in the Air Force and one in the Navy.

    Here's to ALL Veterans, no matter their age/nationality.

  5. I posted a long comment and it has disappeared.

  6. I'm grateful to my wonderful husband for serving in the Navy and to my terrific dad for his service as a Marine. Semper Fi.

    Best--Adele Dubois

  7. Well said. Thank you, to all who have served.

  8. My son signed on with the Air Force in his senior year of high school. That was 9/10/01. Our pride became absolute fear when less than 24 hours later, we went to war. He finished out his senior year then served for 6 years, including a tour in Afghanistan, before getting out this past summer.
    Thank you, Rick. We are proud.

  9. Thanks for the excellent reminder, Anny! Many thanks to all veterans and to those currently serving!

  10. It's a day to give thanks to all those who have served their country and protected our freedoms.

  11. My dad was a Marine during Korea. I thanked a gentleman I met at work today who served in Vietnam. Took him by complete surprise which I thought was sad.

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