Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The sound of Music

Music. It's part of our lives from the first lullabies that sooth us as newborns to the last song at our funerals. Melodies evoke memories like nothing else--except perhaps special scents.

Funny how memories just jump up and grab you. I remember riding in the back seat of the family car... a dark starry night in the Arizona desert singing Purple People Eater. Heh. I bet no one even remembers that song.

Then there were the sock hops in eighth grade. One particular song was very popular. Patches. Do I remember the words? Nope, but the melody still calls up memories of standing against the wall and wishing that I had someone to dance with. For that matter, wishing I knew how to dance. I was a gawky, brainy girl that word glasses and was the Baptist minister's kid.

When my mother died, I helped pick out the music for the funeral. One special hymn I love to this day is Abide With Me. It still calls forth memories of standing next to that grave, wondering what would become of my family.

Who doesn't understand the tug of memories when we sing Happy Birthday? Or Twinkle, twinkle little star? Or Away in a Manger? All around us, lasting impressions fill our hearts with the whisper of a melody.

Next month we'll plunge into the Christmas rush with the burst of Christmas carols both religious and secular. More than any other thing connected to the holidays, the strains of carols snap us into place.

Music. There's something for everyone. On this fourth day of November let us be thankful for the gift of music. Share your favorite tunes!



  1. Patches? Yeah - that's a pukeable, cutesy song. I like the Monster Mash - reminds me of being a kid.

  2. I remember Purple People Eater.

    My word verification - factone. Hm...

  3. When I was six the teacher gave me a five-line part to sing in a play. I rehearsed for a week but on performance day I was so out of tune, the teacher told me I sang like a coin (?!) Never tried to sing again with any one present.

  4. "He was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater, sure looked strange to me." So there!

  5. When my dad died, Mom chose I'll Be Seeing You ("... in all the old famliiar places...") as the primary song at his memorial service. Her inspired choice made me go home and design my own memorial service, complete with songs.

    When I need to get fired up for a task (whether it be writing a difficult scene or housecleaning or anything), I put on the appropriate song (Bruce Springsteen is a favorite to get me moving -- Devils and Dust or The Rising come to mind. Abba is great for housecleaning ("Dancing queen, la la la, clean the TV screen ...") And for cross-country drives, there's nothing like Pink Floyd.

    Hmm. I may need to fire up my Nano. I have a difficult piece of writing to do here at work....

  6. Just have to say:

    Everyone in the United States: Go Vote Today!

    Then sing your favorite campaign song.

  7. Darn! (snapping fingers) Cindy beat me to it! Love Purple People Eater!

    My sis and I were arguing one day in the car and Dad suggested we sing something, like Rock of Ages. The devil got ahold of us...this was 1983 or 4...and we looked at each other, grinned, and broke into Def Leppard's version!

    When my grandma died, "How Great Thou Art" was played. If I wanted to get out of setting the table, all I had to do was go to the organ and start playing it, "Faith of Our Fathers", "Unchained Melody", "Big Rock Candy Mountain", "My Old Kentucky Home", and "Wait For the Wagon".

  8. He was a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater! How's that? LOL. Remember Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? Those songs make me smile.

  9. Ah dang! Didn't see Cindy's comment. She BEAT me! HA.

  10. Yep, know it and the SO uses it at the library and does it with the older kids.

    When I write tortured heros, Linkin Park is helpful, as is Sarah McLachlan.

    We played "Because You Loved Me" at our wedding. I think I'd probably pick that one if I had to plan the SO's funeral.