Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shared memories

Heh. I can see you wondering what this picture is about. Today is my cousin's birthday. We are four days apart in age. I am the older one and therefore the smarter one... right? We were the only girls among the cousins for quite a while so we united against all those stinky boys.

So... Happy Birthday, Molly! May we share many, many more!

Wednesday in Texas. My parents don't feel well so our visit is quiet which is as it should be. Time spent together is the purpose of visiting, after all. I introduced my father to my new psaltery. Since he loves music, this has been most successful.

On this 26th day of November, let us be thankful for shared memories and lives.


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  1. My cousin, Laurie, and I are two years and two days apart in age, and I'm the older one (and yes, I'm the smarter one, of course). We see each other seldom although we live in the same metro area, but when we do get together, it's as though time has stood still.

    Yes, indeed -- let's give thanks for shared memories and lives!