Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Down Time

Vacation day number six. Fifteen hours of television. Four hours of shopping at the local Wal-Mart. Three books read. Good food. Delicious snacks. Plenty of rest.

My commentary for the day: Commercials on USA television are insane, frankly unbelievable, and in some cases incredibly stupid. I don't understand how people listen to hour after hour of commercial dreck. Really.

I thought of couple more new story lines. And petted some fabulous puppies. So overall its been a productive day. On this 18th day of November let us be thankful for down time. You can't ever tell what you might accomplish.



  1. My co-workers and I went out to lunch yesterday and were talking about television. I watch very little, and usually what I do watch is HGTV or shows like that.

    They commented on using Tivo to avoid commercials and how their children have become accustomed to Tivo-ing any show they want. Of course, this means children now expect TV 'on demand', too -- one person said that his children are very upset when they go to visit Grandpa and realize they can't watch 'their' shows whenever they want but have to wait until the show comes on TV.

    Thought: how will those children handle 'real life' when they realize that not all things come to you on demand?

  2. My little one has learned how to use the 'pause' button, and now when he sees a toy he wants for Christmas, he hits the button and yells, "Mommy! Come quick! This is what I really really want Santa to bring me!"

  3. I miss tivo. Had it for a couple of years but we can only record as it comes on the tv now and have fewer channels. The church recently offered to up the stations we get but we aren't accepting. It's nice to have quiet space in the evenings. And frankly we watch plenty of tv as it is.

  4. Yep, commericals are about as dumb as they come. Puppies are much smarter. (and cuter.)

  5. I love puppies! I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation. New story lines? Yeah! More Anny Cooke books.