Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happines is a Warm Fire

Hi! We arrived at my son's home near 4 PM after a wonderful day on the road with beautiful scenery, bright sunny skies, and cold blustery winds. The last two hours on the road were in the Ouachita Mountains where the roads were mostly steep and curvy. But the gorgeous colors were priceless.

My son's girlfriend breeds tiny dogs, yorkies and malteses. There are a LOT of doggies running around here, including two tiny precious puppies that are only three days old. I don't think I've ever seen so many dogs!

When we stopped for lunch yesterday at the Rib Crib, I was reading on my Sony e-reader. Pretty soon I had a curious group of wait persons standing around watching me demonstrate my e-reader. When they dispersed, the manager came over and chatted while he checked it out. Watching the wonder on their faces as I showed them all the bells and whistles was so much fun. I admit that I passed out my cards to one and all, too.

Thought of a couple more ideas for stories and took some more pictures for scene references. This has been a great trip so far. I've learned that there still isn't anything on television. And the weather channel isn't any better. And the cartoon channel has some weird stuff on late at night on a segment called Adult Swim. Very strange...

On the other hand, HGTV has some really odd stuff, too and seems to obsess about selling houses. I wonder why they never have any segments where they decorated an apartment where they're not allowed to paint the walls or make any renovations (including the carpet) due to lease restrictions. What would they change then?

My son has a wood-burning stove for heat in his mobile home. And it's very cold this morning! So we'll see if we need a puppy to keep us warm or not!

In any case, this is the 16th of Novemeber and on this Sunday let us be grateful for the opportunity to visit with loved ones at every chance!



  1. You missed a day of downpours and wind at home so your day there sounds so much better.

    Yes! Spread the word on e-readers.

    Never understood tiny dogs. Are they toys?

  2. I noticed Target is selling the Sony E-reader (and the Asus mini-computer, which I bought a few months ago). Maybe that will generate some interest in downloadable books.

    Re: HGTV: "Design on a Dime" used to do shows where they had to decorate apartments and couldn't paint, etc. It was so clever. I wish they'd bring that show back....

  3. Would love to see those tiny puppies. They're my favorite. Not that mine would allow more brothers or sisters, of course. Take pics please.


  4. Ahhh. Yorkies are my favorite breed. We have a tiny 2 pounder called Gypsy. We adore her. I KNOW all about Adult Swim. My kids love it and it's pretty interesting stuff. LOL. yay On the promo with your e-reader. I've found that people are usually really interested in them.

  5. LOL Spread the word about e-books!

    Puppies and family. It doesn't get any better than that. :-)

  6. Oh, sweetie, I'd have paid money to watch you watch adult swim--a staple in my house. Be careful where you step!