Monday, November 24, 2008

Rest in Peace

Monday... in a short while we'll check out of our hotel in Greenville, TX and head for my folks house. Yesterday we took the scenic route from Oklahoma to Greenville. The scenic route was an effort to track down an errant cemetery for some of my ancestor's. The information I had was that the cemetery was located behind a small defunct rest area and was knee-high in weeds.

I'm thrilled to death to say that information is no longer correct. Above you can see a historical marker that now tells the history of the cemetery.
As you can see, the cemetery has been cleaned up and graves of unknown individuals are neatly marked with white crosses. The rest area has been replaced with a beautiful handicap accessible picnic area.
Above is the headstone of my great-great-grandfather. The stone was broken, but the caretakers have preserved it and the matching one for his wife, laid flat in the ground. At the foot of each stone, a new engraved stone is in place.

On this 24th day of November, I'm thankful for those volunteers who tirelessly care for the grave sites and cemeteries of strangers. So many family members live too far away to take care of their loved one's final resting place. Rest in peace.



  1. I find cemeteries fascinating places...there are so many stories written in stone

  2. I ditto that sentiment. Cemetaries are peaceful places and there are so many very cool people I never got to meet.

  3. I'm thankful for those volunteers, too. I have grandparents, my dad, and other relatives who are buried far away. It's comforting to know their graves are cared for.