Friday, November 14, 2008

Good News

Yesterday morning we were up and on the road by 5:30 AM. By 7:30, we were well on our way and decided to stop for breakfast. Immediately, it began to rain. Hard. And it rained until well after noon. The clouds were so low that the mountain peaks were sticking up above them. At one point I pointed out a big cloud of black smoke out in front of us. The house hunk corrected my impression. The black cloud was a mountain top... a high mountain top!

By four o'clock we arrived at our hotel in Knoxville. While I read and practiced on my new psaltery (an early birthday present), the house hunk played his computer game and we just relaxed. We're having to learn how to do that.

I'm suffering withdrawal from having no computer time! And the laptop doesn't have all my links so I have some blogs I haven't found yet today. We'll see if I can locate them when I have some time at my son's house.

When I called home, my friend shared wonderful news! Her roommates most recent medical report was all clear. Excellent news!

More good news--my daughter received a promotion which included a raise, new job title, and an office! What wonderful news for this time of the year, especially!

And finally, a dear friend had a birthday! Hey! Happy birthday! You know who you are! Many, many more.

So on this 14th day of November let us be thankful for the shared good news!



  1. Isn't it odd to have no Internet access? I carry my Asus with me everywhere (it's small enough) and it's WiFi is pretty strong, so if there's a signal, I'll find it. And I have found I've got to have access to my files -- I may need to jot a note! I can go without the Internet, but not without my stories ....

    In times like these, it is good to be thankful just to have a job, so a promotion is a huge piece of good news!

  2.'re in TN? Didya connect with Kelly?

    Was hoping you'd swing through here. Maybe on the return trip??

    Good news seems to be going around...Yay for your friend and daughter's good news!

    Have a safe trip. May you find better weather soon.

  3. withdrawals. The very thought gives me the shivers.

    Happppyy TRAAAAIIILLLS To Yooouuuuuu!!!! *sorry* Just HAD to burst into cyber-song. LOL

  4. I love driving through the Kentucky and Tennessee mountains. Hope your trip is awesome.

  5. Good to hear you are out and about and enjoying yourself

  6. Lots of great news for you and your family.

    It's good to relax. Most of us have forgotten how to do it.