Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas and the Grinch

Yep, it's that time of year. Last night we watched The Grinch on TV. My younger granddaughter had never seen it, so she was enthralled. When they had their own place they had cable TV and therefore such a wide selection of viewing material that they seldom watched their "local" stations.

Here, at Nanna's house, we have six possible stations to watch. So the Grinch certainly won out over football. After the Grinch, the Shrek Christmas special was on. Not so sure that one will be a classic...

The tree is "up" with lights on it, but no decorations so far. I suppose that means the count down to Christmas has begun. When my kids were little, the tree didn't go up until the second of December. Why? Because my son's birthday is the first of December and he felt like he didn't get a birthday because of the Christmas brou-haha.

Happy Birthday, Tony!!! May you be blessed with many more!

Today he's thirty-nine so I imagine he's outgrown that particular feeling. It's funny how traditions hang on, though. We have quite a few in our family. Rudolph, our reindeer is always displayed even if we don't have the tree up. Our nativity set is always set out. And a wreath is hung on the door. Now that we live in an apartment with a sheltered door, we hang one that I made many, many years ago when we lived in our first home.

All families have some holiday traditions regardless of what holiday they celebrate. What is your favorite family tradition?



  1. For a few years I had my own tradition of avoiding my family at Christmas. It hasn't caught on yet but I'm ever hopeful.

  2. I love taking out all the ornaments...some of which I made 35 years ago. There are so many memories attached to them.

    I also love putting on Christmas music.

  3. Yeah, you mean, "YOU'RE a mean one..."