Thursday, December 3, 2009

Old St. Nick

When my granddaughter and I decorated the tree the other night, she asked about the great number of Santa decorations I have. Well, not that many...maybe ten? They're "antique" Santas, not the jolly old elf modern day version. I started collecting them quite a while ago. When I run across an antiquey Santa, I try to acquire him.

Why Santas? I have no clue. I also collect angel ornaments for the tree, but those are very specific. They're the Seraphim Angel ornaments. I have a collection of Seraphim Angels that have been given to me over the years but many people aren't aware that there are also ornaments and tiny pins that are offered at this time of year.

It's funny what we choose to collect. What will speak to one person, will leave another cold. My grandfather had a large pencil collection. He mounted them on big old boards, arranging them in fancy patterns. My daughter collects dolphins. My friend collects frogs. Another friend collects antique tools.

Anyway, I suppose I chose the antique Santas because they looked old. The contemporary Santa jars on one. He's too bright and brash with his red suit and hat. I think it might be that he reminds me too much of the commercial aspect of Christmas. On the other hand the antique Santas hearken back to a day when Christmas was more religion centered and simpler.

It may also be because the toys the antique Santas carry are recognizable to one of my age group. More and more the toys that kids want now are electronic...definitely not something an antique Santa would be handing out!

Whatever the reason, each year I enjoy hauling the old St. Nick's out and hanging them on the tree where they serve as a reminder of a simpler, gentler past.



  1. I like all Santas, but I agree the Saint Nick's are very special, have so much character and richness.
    Hope today is a wondrous one, Ms. Anny.

  2. When we moved into the MIL's house, we found the FIL's button collection. Two huge boxes full of tins, bags, and other little boxes FULL of various buttons. Maybe one day I'll actually look at them...

    And several years ago, we found a set of 'antique-y' Santa tins. My spouse gets them out every year and displays them ala nesting dolls.

  3. I collect way to many things. Books, mainly. Collected dolls as a kid, but that does NOT go over well in a houseful of males.

  4. I think it's human nature to collect things that appeal to us. Collections change over the years too. That's the fun of them.