Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reindeer Cookie Party

When mothers work outside the home, they have to fit in the "fun" stuff where and how they can. My daughter also has a long commute which means a late arrival at home. So yesterday when she announced that she and the girls were going to make no-bake reindeer cookies, I was quite interested in the proceedings.
As it turned out, so was Poppy (the house hunk). He found the "makings" fascinating, too. Anyway, Mama and the girls and Poppy had quite a bit of fun decorating the reindeer cookies. I think they were very inventive besides.

Nutter Butter cookies, frosting (to make the face pieces stick), an assortment of items (m&m's, pretzels, jelly beans, chex mix, etc.

Allow your imagination to run wild.