Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dancer and Eppie's Interview with Anny Cook Part 2

After fortifying themselves with quoltania wine, Eppie Llewellyn and her bond mate, Dancer Devereaux continued their interview with Anny Cook.

Eppie: Dancer had some difficulties with the language differences when he first arrived. How did you deal with this problem?

Anny: Oh, I compiled a glossary. So helpful, you know? Of course, there aren't that many differences...and I'm thinking about posting it on my webpage so that readers have access to it.

Eppie: Webpage? What is a webpage?

Dancer: Something for the computer, Eppie. Remember when I showed you my laptop?

Eppie: Oh, yes. Is this webpage something important?

Anny: Well, on the outside, yes. For instance, my webpage lists the books I've written with some short excerpts from them. And of course there's a biography about me. And um, there's a map of the valley plus a map of Lost Market, where you live.

Eppie: You're writing about where we live? With a map? What if everyone decides that Mystic Valley's a wonderful place to visit? Where will we put everyone?

Anny: No, no. I don't tell them how to get there. I would never do anything to harm the valley.

Dancer: (scowling at Anny) I hope you didn't mention personal stuff in that book!

Anny: Define personal...Oh! You mean you don't want the readers to know you wear a skirt?

Dancer: Sharda! It's called a sharda! It's NOT a skirt!

Anny: I liked the shardas. I especially liked the reason for the sharda. Availability, wasn't it? I bet the ladies among my readers will like that idea, too. Hey! It might even catch on outside the valley. Especially if they find out what you wear beneath your sharda...

Eppie: (confused) Underneath their shardas? They don't wear anything under their shardas. How would they be available if they had something--

Dancer: Hush! Don't give her more ammunition!

Eppie: (sly smile on her face) Did you explain about schalzina and the schela?

Anny: Of course! I thought the locking part was the most interesting. Imagine being locked together--

Dancer: No! No locking! For crying out loud, woman! Is nothing private with you? Do you think I want my friends to know that Eppie and I are locked together for that long?

Anny: (with bright professional interest) How long would that be? Ten minutes? Twenty?

Eppie: Oh, longer than that usually. Sometimes, he just dozes off. But if I squeeze his kzusha just right, well he wakes up in a hurry! (Giggles) He looooves my schela.

Dancer: (groans and hides his face) Now you've done it! Every guy in the world will be trying to find the valley. They'll all want their own bond mate so they can lock together!

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  1. I know what kzusha and schela mean.
    Good job Anny. This interview is so funny.

  2. I feel Dancer's pain and I have to admit I quite enjoyed it.

  3. Sly little Eppie. She knew exactly what she was doing. Dancer has his hands full with that one.