Thursday, November 13, 2008

On the Road

By 5:30 AM the house hunk and I will be on the road. Yes, we'll be tooling down the freeway on our way west. It's a three day trip to our first destination, my son's home in Arkansas. After visiting there a few days, we'll drive on to my Aunt and Uncle's home in Oklahoma. And then about five days later, we'll move on to my parents in Texas. Sigh. Then on Black Friday, we'll head home.

Every time we travel across this same route, I'm continually amazed that my ancestors did it on foot and by horse drawn wagon. How on earth did they keep going day after day? In some places the majority of the land is perpendicular. What must it have been like for them to hope and pray that they made fifteen or twenty miles?

I remember traveling (by car, of course...I'm not that old!) back when all roads were two lanes with hills and curves and tiny towns where you had to slow down to twenty miles an hour. It's amazing that people traveled as much as they did.

I suspect that the youngsters don't realize how very blessed we are to have a wonderful Interstate system of freeways that allow us to travel from coast to coast in relative comfort.

So while I'm rolling down the road, admiring the scenery let us be thankful on this 13th day of November for the highways that take us to all those new places and allow us to spend time with our families.



  1. Oh hell yes - I could never have been a pioneer not me

  2. I understand most women didn't live past their 20's. Hard, hard life. NOpe. I love conveniences and modern medicine, grocery stores...the list goes on. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. We once took HWY 36 from Indianaplolis straight through to Denver. Not a single McDonald's until a week later, when we rolled into Gunnison, CO. But every town had a Best Western and a Pizza Hut!

    We took I-80 home. We were sick of pizza and tired of traveling.

  4. I know I'm just talkin' to the dog up there, but be safe. Too bad you couldn't swing through TN to say hi.