Monday, March 16, 2009

Bug search

So I spent all weekend working on my series bibles, updating them. They were sadly out of date. Anyway, I was trolling through some old e-mails from my editor, looking for information tidbits when suddenly the computer screen lit up with all sorts of flashing lights and warnings.

Naturally, I called for the house hunk. He's in charge of stuff like that. He instructed me to remove my current virus software and gave me a new package to install. Guess what I did all afternoon on Sunday? Watched that little green meter inch across the screen while the software installed and scanned my computer.

So I missed the two chats I was going to drop in on and didn't accomplish much in the different bibles I was working on. No writing, either. Twiddled my thumbs. Sorted through some notes and threw out a bunch of papers. Consolidated a bunch of other paperwork.

Today I have to organize my income tax receipts and paperwork. Later today I have a doctor's appointment. My prescriptions ran out so the pharmacy called the doctor and what do you know? They won't renew until I show up in person so they can check stuff like my blood pressure and weight.

"Ms. Cook? This is Dr. Good Doctor's office. I'm calling about your prescriptions."


"We need to see you before we can refill them. Do you realize that you haven't been here since October???"

"My, time flies when you're busy, doesn't it?"

Ah, well. I'll go in, crawl on the scale, and offer them an arm to squeeze. What fun.

So that's it for today. Fun, fun, fun.



  1. EWWW. I dislike doctors. I know they help people but sometimes they can be so annoying.

    Sorry about the computer trouble. Frustrating.

  2. My spouse has the same issues:) He tried to get into to see his new diabetes dr but couldn't get in because of scheduling conflicts. The old one finally and reluctantly refilled his meds...and then his appointment was cancelled again. Thankfully, the new family dr agreed to manage his diabetes, and he's back on track.

    Love your new cover, btw...

  3. Yeah, the hoops they expect you to jump through, all at their convenience, of course, can make you crazy. Good luck with the taxes, too!

  4. Taxes and doctor...not a great way to spend your day. But it is Monday. :-)

    I'm lost when it comes to computer stuff. I depend on hubby to handle all that stuff. I just yell when something goes wrong.

  5. Nothing like the speed of a virus scan...except of course for the scale. You poor baby.

    I agree, what a gorgeous cover!