Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spiderwoman? Not.

There are few things that will seriously squick me out like a spider. It doesn't have to be very big. A small spider will do it just as easily as a big one, though I have to admit that a big spider is a bigger squick than a small one.

Over the years I've tried various things to psych myself out of this feeling about spiders, but nothing seems to work. No matter how intellectual I try to be about my feelings toward spiders, the truth is that they give me the serious willies.

I believe that every person has something that gives them the shudders. It might not be spiders. It might be snakes or scorpions or elephants. For whatever the reason, those fears are with us, usually for the rest of our lives.I once had a friend that was absolutely terrified of cats. Such is life.

To the lucky person who lives life without such fears, the phobic individual often appears to be weak and silly. Heh. I have so many fears it would take Noah's ark to transport them from place to place. Height, enclosed places, millipedes, and the list goes on. The number one for me? An elevator in a tall building. That one counts for both heights and small places.

So, don't let me suffer alone. What are some of the things you're afraid of?


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  1. Oooh, I can play this game. I am seriously squicked out by RATS!!!! They feature prominently in my nightmares. Even mice are super icky. Enclosed places freak me out, too. I sweat. I get sick. Awful.

  2. Heights - but I still climb things and look down - I just dare myself to do it

  3. I think my fear is falling. I can go UP, but have trouble coming DOWN. Elevators in tall buildings are especially bad when they stop. I once had to visit our attorney on the 23rd floor; had no problems getting there, but hated it on the way down if we stopped to pick up more passangers!

    I won't even go on rollar coasters or log flume rides.

  4. Snakes. Herptetology classes in grad school were just loads of fun.

  5. AWW! That looks just like our little Boosey cat. :D Though she eats spiders. You know what scares me? Sharks. It's completely irrational too because 1. I have never been in or on the ocean in this life and 2. I don't even live near the ocean. I get so freaked out when I think about Sharks that I've actually gotten anxiety attacks. And don't even get me started about snakes.

  6. Like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.

  7. Alligators. Don't ask me why, maybe it's because when I worked at the newspaper I had to do the regional page and there was always a story out of Florida about someone's dog, kid or somewhat being attacked and eaten by alligators. I'm so paranoid I swear they are lined up at the state line waiting to get me.