Friday, March 27, 2009


Are you one of those readers that reads the last page first? Are you the reader that reads the last chapter before you decide whether you want to buy the book? I swear I had a friend that did that. That's okay. I'm perfectly happy with that. Just don't insist on telling me the end of the story before I get a chance to read it!

Actually, other than the blurb, I would prefer not to know anything about the story until I read it. To me, reading is part of the adventure. It isn't only the plot, it's the characters, the descriptions, the word choices, and the dialogue.

Perhaps that's why I have such a hard time writing a synopsis and blurb for my own stories. There's that reluctance to spoil the experience for the reader. Oh, I know they are necessary to sell the story, but I detest having to reveal the story outline to my editor and publisher before there's time to read it.

General outlines unfortunately don't tell the reader much about the characters, the dialogue, or even how the plot unfolds. I once read the synopsis for a story in a creative writing class. The entire concept was exciting so I was looking forward to reading the story.

The next week when we arrived at class, the instructor passed out copies of the story. Flat cardboard people, boring dialogue, and the same exact paragraph from the synopsis revealing the bad guy. Ugh.

So do me a favor. Let me find out about the story on my own. Even if you hated the story. I once commented to a friend that two of my favorite writers were Jayne Ann Krentz and Louis L'Amour. My friend went, "Ewwww!" Turns out that she hated them both. Hmmm.

We all have individual tastes fortunately. Otherwise there wouldn't be enough readers for all the books we're so busy writing. Whether you've enjoyed a book or hated it, sharing your feelings about that book are fine.

But hey! Don't tell me about the good parts--or the ending.

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  1. I agree, Anny. My sister was like that. She'd read the ending because she couldn't wait and go through the journey. No patience. What's the point, if you ask me. lol

  2. I always read the ending. I know....baaaaad. Still I have to have a happy ending and won't buy unless it does. That's just me. Of course, I'd NEVER tell anyone else the end. Soooo not cool.

    BTW, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick is one of my favorites, too.

  3. I always read the last page because I want to and because I can

  4. I'll flip to the end if I think I've figured out the bad guy. I sort of did that yesterday...being interrupted five times during a chapter kind of makes one impatient!

  5. It had a sad ending? Perhaps, but the body of the story was a laugh a minute.
    It had a bad ending? Perhaps, but it was a great story.
    It was a lousy birthday present? Perhaps, but waiting to open it, the anticipation was a great present all by itself.
    In many cases the destination isn't the point; its the journey.