Sunday, March 29, 2009

What next?

While I have a couple works in progress, I like to plan ahead. At the moment, though, I'm somewhat stymied for choices. Nothing seems to just stand out and yell, "Take me! Take me!" That's not usually how things go.

I've posted a poll in the corner with a list. I would be so delighted if y'all would vote in it. Maybe it will give me a nudge forward. If you vote for the last choice, then please leave a suggestion in the comments. Perhaps that will spark an idea or two.

In the meantime, my two current wips are moving along. Lovetalker's Woman is the tale of a faery's courtship of a human woman. He's having some odd difficulties as he tries to convince her that he's the faery for her.

The second wip is another tale set on Elyria, the setting for Kama Sutra Lovers. It's the love story of the KSL's oldest son, Darius and his mates. I'm very pleased with the way its shaping up.

I also want to thank all the readers and fellow authors who contributed interesting and odd word verifications. I've used a lot of them in various places. Thank you for your enthusiastic help!

And finally, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I voted for Ardent Angels because I love the shifter stories and you've done such a great job with the others.

  2. So did I, since you seem to 'balance' out Mystic Valley and Flowers. Time for a new Angels:)

    I've got the same blockage...10 wips in various forms of development, but no one's talking to me yet. Maybe when the editing is over???

  3. I'm with Reg, and I LOVE the tile. Ardent Angels, very awesome, Anny.