Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tax man cometh...

So we went to the tax man to have our taxes done. I confess that we did not do bad at all. I did a decent job of holding onto receipts and filed them properly so the tax guy was pretty happy with me. He offered a few pointers for next year, gave us a zillion papers to sign and we were off and running.

I do wonder though why it has to be so complicated. Who decided that the tax code had to be so complicated that you need an advanced degree in taxing to do it? Fortunately, the house hunk and I can afford to pay to have the taxes filled out, but what about those people who can't afford it?

And another thing... those receipts fade. There's something wrong with the ink and paper. You pull out the receipt to add up the stuff and you can't even read it. What's with that? Can't they use a permanent ink in the register so you'll be able to see it at the end of the year?

Mileage? I was thinking mileage to a convention or booksigning or something like that. But he explained we could also do mileage when we went to the store to buy something for my business. He waved the stack of receipts for the craft components I use in my promo items and said, every time you go to the store to buy more supplies you can use that mileage. Who knew? Now I need to go to the store to buy a mileage book. Hmmm. Three miles each way...

Anyway, it was entertaining and educational. Then he asked what kind of books I write. So I kindly explained in detail. Hauled out my Sony reader and demonstrated how it worked by letting him read a bit of one of my books. Distributed my business cards. Turns out he belongs to a book club. He invited me to come to one of their meetings and talk about writing.

Opportunity knocks in the most unusual places...



  1. Well now. Isn't that just the coolest thing! Promo in strange places. Good to know about the mileage thing. Anything we can write off it a plus.

  2. You amaze me with your ability to sell to anyone. I gotta get better at that!

  3. I seem to recall telling y'all about keeping track of the mileage last month...

    I really gotta get an e-reader!

    Today's WV: 'Metabil'. New name for you??

  4. Go you! That's great. Now, if you figure out the whole quarterly filing thing, wouldja let me know?